“Years back when I want to start my transition, it was very difficult for me. Not because the medical professionals did not understand what it means to be transgender and did not know how to prescribe hormones to me, but because these service (a very needed service for transgender people) are only available at hospitals like Grootte Schuur. To get to Grootte Schuur it means I need to have return transport money, money for accommodation and meals in Cape Town and money to travel to and from Groote Schuur while being in Cape Town. Money I didn’t and still don’t have.” – Whitney Booysen, founder and executive director of Trans Wellness Project.

This is one of the struggles we as rural trans people face in South Africa. Yes, we do have a Constitution that states that primary health care should be open and accessible for all but it cost money for us to get primary health care in a so much needed service for us.

Not only is it hard for us for transitioning but as an organization, we need to give services and facilitate sensitization workshops. We need to be there when our constituencies need us. We had a case in one of our areas where one of our constituencies was facing a court case and we could not assist. Why not? Because we do not have the financial means to do so.

As an organization, we will appreciate companies, departments, funders, and individuals to assist us with resources and money in order for us to give a service to one of the vulnerable communities in the rural areas of South Africa

With the money and resources, you will donate to Trans Wellness Project, we can make the rural areas of South Africa trans safety, trans respectful, trans-inclusive and trans competent.